The Bee, Apis in latin, a unique creature of its kind, essential to human life.

Based on this concept, and by reading verse 49 of the Dhammapada we found inspiration for the name of the company we are working with today so that the ethical and moral principles contained in it can find real application and be respected.
And with the hope of leaving a tangible mark in the medical world, where for many years Italian and medium-sized enterprises have not been seen operating, investing and believing in a market as particular as it is exciting and stimulating.

The Project

The APIS project was born in 2017 when, driven by different motivations, but with the same initiative spirit, the founders begin to discuss market developments, new possibilities and potentials. Over time the common vision and some milestones that united the group emerged. While those discussions, previously weak, slowly acquired concreteness, it became clear to everyone that the conditions were there to start an entrepreneurial challenge together. Everything was there: production and development capacity, knowledge of the market, thirty years of experience and the capacity for vision and innovation. So almost a year later, in March 2018, they all met, once again, but this time to put a signature and start the Innovative Start-Up APIS srl.

Being a Start-Up with an “innovative” connotation registered in the appropriate National Register is for us a fundamental prerequisite, therefore we work annually to maintain it. Being an innovative Start-Up means creating solutions, products or services, which, as the law says, meet the requirement of “production, development and marketing of innovative services or products with a high rate of technology”. For us it translates into creating products that can be patented, which in addition to the product in itself increase the company’s technological skills, which will have to be new or innovative and alternative to solve problems never treated before, along unknown paths and opening alternatives to future ones still all to write!

The Founders

Matteo Ravelli

He has worked in the medical sector since 2011, where he held the positions of product specialist and then line manager for products dedicated to the upper limb on the Italian territory. In Apis he deals with commercial management, holding the role of sales director and member of the Board of Directors.

Stefano Sbardellati

He has been working in the medical sector since 2001 and as an expert consultant in marketing, innovation and strategy, he has developed contacts in various countries of the world with which he currently works and maintains close relationships. In Apis he deals with marketing and strategy, he is a member of the Board of Directors holding the offices of President and CEO.

Matteo Mantovani

Degree in engineering and specialization in failure analysis, FMEA simulations of innovation techniques and fracture mechanics. Since 2005 Founder and CEO of NCS LAB srl, with which he makes medical devices and IVDs for himself and for third parties. In Apis he deals with research, development, design and engineering of processes, he is a member of the Board of Directors.

Marcello Fantuzzi

He is an Industrial expert, co-founder of NCS LAB srl, of which he is President of the Board of Directors and Technical Director. He has strong creative and design skills, and in Apis he plays the role of innovation in product design, giving an aesthetic touch, he is a member of the Board of Directors.


Fabio Monfardini

He was the first supporter of the project, he made his entrepreneurial experience available to Apis, he has been working in the sector since 1987 and is an inexhaustible source of suggestions, contacts and ideas for us. His international experience with strategic market references is a precious support for us!

Hubert Leitzbach

He is a friend and as we learned of his choice to retire we immediately recruited him. We thought it was incorrect, after more than thirty years in the field of orthopaedics and upper limb surgery, to commit him full time, but we did not miss the opportunity to have a German D.O.C.G. among those who suggest, help and support us. His experience adds that piece of historical knowledge necessary to direct the bow towards new things, avoiding mistakes.