We work non-stop with the aim of creating technological solutions that meet and challenge the needs of our medical partners.

We have chosen to invest in projects in the field of hand surgery, a market in which we can boast over 10 years of experience and which from every analysis we have done leads us to believe that it is the right one, because it is full of possibilities where surgeons have different ideas and we can create new solutions.

We are currently working on an innovative, biological project for the treatment of scapholunate ligament injuries, but it will not be the last, we have many other ideas and projects ready in standby.
For the time being we are dedicating our time and resources to the first project: that we have called 1St.

We want to be different, and we know we are. The Apis team has a goal in mind and is to identify itself as a partner for discussion on new ideas; and for this reason we say to everyone: if you have an idea, contact us!

We can assure you a quick response and the peace of mind that your every idea will be protected and covered by the necessary guarantees, we only listen when we know that we have protected the counterpart by means of an NDA. Once again, however crazy or uninteresting your idea may seem, let’s have a coffee and tell us!