We Restore

Your Movement.

A different, medical devices company.




As the bee collects nectar and flies away without damaging the flower or its colour or its scent, so also, let the bhikkhu dwell and act in the village.
– Dhammapada 49


The name Apis (bee in latin) combines, in a perfect synthesis, the ethical and professional principles of the company founders acquired over years of work in the medical sector and according to which a company should operate in the reference sector.

We found inspiration from the name from a book, as old as the history of the world, from that era of world history in which knowledge was transferred to posterity by allegorical verses.

Like bees, therefore, we have set ourselves the goal of operating with the utmost respect for the environment in which we work and enhancing the area around us by returning to it what we have taken, without causing damage, working with multidisciplinary teams to create new solutions, promote information and restore movement!

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